Industry Documents

Approvals Branch Changes Letter
Here is a form that you can use a s a template when advising the DOT approvals branch of any changes in your license (RIN).
Per section 107.805(g): any change in name, address, ownership, testing equipment, management or personel performing cylindere-qualification must be reported in writing to the associate administrator within 20 days of the change.

Feel free to use this letter as your template and add or subtract verbiage to meet your needs.

Hydro-Test Catalog 2023
Download our complete Hydro-Test Product Catalog.

This is a 35MB file, typically taking 1-2 minutes to download. You will require Adobe Reader Version 6.0 or better to open this file. After opening you can print the entire catalog or a series of pages by using the file-print function. Or you can use the save as function to save as a file on your hard drive.  If you prefer a catalog be sent to you, please use this link for catalog request

CGA Pamphlets (cited vs latest editions) revised 2023
List of CGA pamphlets required for cylinder testing, showing cited edition vs latest edition available

Cylinder Manufacturers Symbols
Finally – a complete and readable cross reference of cylinder manufacturers and corresponding symbols. Also included is cylinder manufacturers “M” numbers. If you want to add to this list – please email us with symbol and manufacturer and we will update this list periodically.

DOT Organizational Chart
Here is a current organizational chart of the Hazardous Materials branch of the Department of Transportation

Guide to Developing a Hazmat Training Program
Here is a 32 page guide about Hazmat training requirements and helpful guides to making a better decision as to what type of training works best for your company

Independent Inspectors List for 5 Year Renewal
A complete list of the DOT approved Independent Inspection Agencies for cylinder re-qualification. If you are re-qualifying DOT / ICC or UN specification cylinders for transportation n the USA, one of these companies is required to inspect your facility every 5 years to secure or renew your DOT license.

Inspection Check off List
A comprehensive check off list, which should be reviewed periodically by those that are re-qualifying cylinders. Be prepared for a DOT enforcement inspection and your 5 year renewal.

Leasing Opportunities
Hydro-Test Products has partnered with Health Care Equipment Funding to provide our customers with the best lease rates for cylinder service equipment. To get more information on leasing programs and how they can save you money – please contact Mr. Bruce Smith at or by phone at 908-647-4500 x26.

Pressed Steel Tank (PST) E9791 Bulletin
Pressed Steel Tank (PST) recommended procedures for testing E9791 specification cylinder

Summarized Final Rule on 6351-T6 Alloy Cylinders
Here is a summarized version of the final ruling – effective January 1, 2007 – concerning the additional inspection requirements for 6351-T6 alloy cylinders. Included in this paper is a listing of eddy current manufacturers.

Typical Floor and Pit Plan
A generic floor and water jacket pit plan. Hydro-Test will be pleased to provide suggestions and comments on your design for your cylinder testing area.

Water Jacket Tester Troubleshooting Chart
Standard trouble shooting information for water jacket testing.

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