Utilities Required

  • 100psi of pre-regulated shop air
  • 180F-130GPH Hot Water Supply
  • Nitrogen supply cylinder with regulator
  • 115V electrical
  • Drainage pit – seperate from water jacket pit

$13,900.00 | SKU: 510-025

Automates all the Cylinder Handling and Drying Sequences

  • PLC Controller for ease of operation and programming sequences
  • Completes expelling of water and drying sequence in 4 minutes
  • Padded vise jaws to protect cylinder
  • Accepts cylinders in diameter of 4″ – 14″ and up to 55″ tall (can be made for larger size cylinders upon request)
  • Floor Space: 54″W x 48″D x 42″T


  • Hot water supply of 180° F with 130GPH recovery rate
  • 100 psi of pre regulated shop air
  • Nitrogen supply cylinder with regulator
  • 115VAC electrical outlet (220V -50Hz is available)
  • Drainage pit for expelled water

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