#393-440: Mail-out Hazmat Training Guide For Cylinder Retesters


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Easy to Understand Training Guide for the Re qualification of Cylinders
This Guide is Prepared by Hydro-Test and Includes the Following Highlights:

  • Easy to understand “layman’s” language throughout the manual
  • Dissection of cylinder specifications with Hydro-Test easy to understand – straight forward re qualification procedures
  • Proper testing procedure
  • Proper verification procedures
  • Sample test record keeping entries
  • List of cylinder manufacturers and symbols
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Easy to understand testing of fire extinguishers chapter
  • Review of what to have on hand for a DOT audit
  • Sample DOT audit review form
  • List of common fines associated with a DOT audit
  • Written test with answer key


  • Training booklet
  • General awareness and familiarity CD
  • Security awareness CD
  • Hydro-Test operational DVD

By using all of these components – you will be able to provide the required training per section 170.704 of DOT Title49 for cylinder re-testers.
Don’t know what type of training is best for your company ? Or need more information on training requirements ?? Click here for a Guide in Developing Hazmat Training, that will answer all of those questions.
Still have questions ? – Please contact our training department by email or phone: (800) 225-9488 x13.

** All Training Must Be Prepaid – No Exceptions

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