#500-hp-14-p: Hydrostatic – Water Jacket Cylinder Test System

Utilities required to operate

  • 8CFM @ 100psi of pre-regulated shop air
  • Inlet water supply
  • Consistent and stable air temperature
  • Overhead I-beam with hoist and trolley
  • 12′ Ceiling height
  • Pit for water jacket

$18,000.00 | SKU: 500-HP-14-P

Hydrostatic Water Jacket Cylinder Test System
Manually operated
Rated for testing in a range of 2000 – 10,000psi
Meets U.S. DOT requirements
Air Operated Test Pump

  • Stainless steel water section
  • Soft seated check valves
  • Contaminant free design (for testing of Oxygen cylinders)
14″ Diameter x 66″ Tall Steel Water Jacket
  • Accepts cylinders up to 12″ diameter x 60″ tall
  • High and low pressure air bleed valves
  • Pneumatically operated lid closure
Calibrated Pressure Gauge
  • 0-11,000 psi x 20 psi increments
  • Class 3A – 1/4% full range accuracy
  • 8.5″ dial face
Calibrated Cylinder for Full Test Range
Digital Scale for Expansion Readings
  • Calibration Weights Included
  • 700cc Net Capacity x 0.1g (cc)
Operational Training Seminar at Hydro-Test Factory in Stow, Massachusetts
  • Valid for up to 90 days after purchase of equipment
  • For up to 4 people
Steel Enamel Painted Cabinet
Set of 7 Test Adapters
Video and Written Instructional Manual
Calibration Certificates

<FONT color=#cc0000 ** Picture Shown With Optional 4 Burette Bank Board **

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