#507-hp-18-m: Software Driven Water Jacket Test System, With 18″d X 72″t Water Jacket

Utilities required to operate

  • 8CFM @ 100psi of pre-regulated shop air
  • Inlet water supply
  • Consistent and stable air temperature
  • Minimum 36″ deep pit x 60″ diameter
  • Overhead I-beam with hoist and trolley
  • 12′ Ceiling height
  • 115V – 1phase – 60Hz electrical
    (converter available for 220V-50Hz)

$22,100.00 | SKU: 507-HP-18-M

Automated Hydrostatic Water Jacket Cylinder Test System
Meets U.S. DOT requirements
Test range of 2000 – 10,000 psi in automated mode
Test range of 2000 – 10,000 psi in manual mode
Software operates test functions and records test results
Sleek – low profile modern cabinet design

Automated Features

  • User friendly software program reduces human error
  • Software calculates all expansion values and pass/fail criteria based on expansion values
  • Pass fail criteria can be defined on % expansion or REE value ( for carbon fiber cylinders )
  • Pressure hold time can be set up to 24 hours ( in seconds )
  • Operator types in cylinder info and test criteria – clicks test button – test is then run and recorded
  • Daily verification automated calibrated cylinder run
  • DOT warning for improper verification procedure
  • Detailed history screen allows date and field sort
  • Records easily printable or exported as .csv files
  • User defined templates are easily added and controlled
  • Allows loading of cylinder information in batches or singularly
  • System can be operated in manual mode for ease of troubleshooting
  • System can be operated in manual mode for better accuracy when testing small high-pressure cylinders infrequently.

Air operated test pump

  • Stainless steel water section
  • Soft seated check valves
  • Contaminant free design – for O2 cylinder testing

Steel water jacket (test chamber)

  • 18″ diameter x 72″ tall
  • Accepts cylinders to 16″ diameter x 66″ tall
  • Low pressure safety relief port
  • High and low pressure air bleed valves
  • Manual operated lid closure

Master pressure gauge

  • Used for periodic re calibration of electronic sensors
  • Class 3A – 1/4% accuracy
  • 8.5″ diameter
  • 11,000psi x 20psi increments

Calibration cylinder

  • For full test range
  • Test adapter and expansion chart included

Digital expansion readout scale

  • 700g Net expansion value x 0.1g increments
  • Calibration weights included


  • IBM compatible Laptop
  • Ink-jet printer

Set of 7 test adapters
Safety relief
Written instructional manual
Operational training seminar at Hydro-Test in Stow, Massachusetts

  • For up to 4 people
  • Valid for 90 days after purchase of test system

Calibration certificates

Click on this link for demo of software being used in standalone mode

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