Utilities required to operate:

  • 8CFM @ 100psi of pre-regulated shop air
  • Inlet water connection
  • 115V-20 Amp electrical or 220V-50Hz with inexpensive converter
  • $11,600.00 | SKU: 504-LP

    Automated "Proof Test" System Hydrostatic Test System Designed to Automate the Proof Test Procedure When Re-Qualifying Cylinders That Do Not Require A Volumetric Expansion.
    (I.E., Propane, Fire Extinguishers, ISO Specification Cylinders, etc…)


  • Meets and Exceeds DOT, TC, UN and ISO specifications for readability and accuracy
  • Test pressure range of 200 – 1400 psi
  • Pneumatic operated test pump
  • Automated Hydro-Test software
  • Allows for easy input – printing and storing of all test data
  • Verification daily operation included
  • Fully sortable history screen, allows for export to popular software tables
  • Easy to read dial Master Gauge (0-1500psi x 2psi increments)
  • Small cabinet size: 65"H x 26"D x 22"W
  • Cabinet mounted on wheels for easy mobility
  • Hardware includes Laptop and Printer
  • Bluetooth communication protocol
  • Ability to operate automated or manually
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