#570-025: Halon 1211 Clean Agent Recovery System


**Picture shown with optional front plexiglass part number 180-103**

$9,400.00 | SKU: 570-025

Halon 1211 Recovery and Filling System. Designed to efficeintly and easily recover Halon 1211 from a fully charged cylinder into the supplied recovery tank and after maintenance on cylinder transfer back the product with 99% efficiency.


  • Recovery / fill rate of 2 Lbs per minute
  • Removal of particulate matter to 15 microns
  • 99% transfer of liquid and vapor
  • Maximum Recovery Pressure of 400psi
  • Maximum Recharge Pressure of 1,000psi
  • Air driven double acting piston pump
  • Stainless steel check valves and springs
  • Dual 30″ vacum and 300 psi pressure gauge
  • Includes 120 Lb recovery tank with dual port valve
  • Heavy duty steel painted console
  • Size: 51″H x 24″D x 24″L
  • Utilities Required To Operate:
  • 8CFM@100 psi of pre-regulated shop air
  • Weighing scale
  • Supply of Halon 1211

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